Introducing the

Slit Lamp Shield™

Sturdy 3mm Clear Acrylic

Slit Lamp Shield™

patented side-wing protection

Slit Lamp Shield™


Slit Lamp Shield™

Ophthalmologist Designed

Large surface area protection

Clin Exp Optom (May 2020)

Demonstrated reduced droplet exposure

Universal Slit Lamp Shield

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Rubber Securing Rings for slit lamp oculars

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Phoropter Shield

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Portable Slit Lamp Shield

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OCT Shield

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Brass Button Pressing and Door Opening Tool with Pouch

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31st May 2020: International Express Post

There has been ongoing strong interest from eye care professionals in globally. We are pleased to announce we have recommenced Australia Post International Express to selected international countries, including New Zealand, United States of America’s, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden,  Hong Kong, Singapore and more to come as international freight services return to more normal services. 

28th May 2020 : Phoropter Shield and Portable Slit-Lamp Shield

At the request of several clinicians, we have designed and  manufactured an acrylic phoropter shield that can be mounted to most  phoropter models. Also available is a Portable Slit-Lamp Shield. Both products are available for delivery via Australia Post Express.

Update 25.05.2020 Clin Exp Optom

Update 30.3.2020

We have re-commenced international shipping to numerous destinations, including selected countries in North America, Europe, UK and Asia. Shipping continues to New Zealand as previously. Pending unforeseen circumstances, Australia Post estimates shipping times to metro locations for International Courier to be 2-3 business days, and International Express 3-5 days. Shipping times may vary at short notice due to border closures or freight delays as a result of the changing COVID-19 situation.

Update 24.3.2020

Thank you for all the positive feedback regarding the Slit Lamp Shield. Many ophthalmologists and optometrists have taken the time to email, text or call, and we appreciate their kind words. 

Update 14.03.2020

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Coronavirus Information for Ophthalmologists

"The use of commercially available slit-lamp barriers or breath shields  is encouraged, as they may provide a measure of added protection against the virus. These barriers do not, however, prevent contamination of equipment and surfaces on the patient's side of the barrier, which may then be touched by staff and other patients and lead to transmission. Homemade barriers may be more difficult to sterilize and could be a source of contamination. In general, barriers are not a substitute for careful cleaning of equipment between patients and asking those patients who cough, sneeze, or have flu-like symptoms to wear masks during examination."


Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) Coronavirus Information

Update 13.03.2020

There is emerging evidence of the risks that novel coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a risk to eye health care workers and patients, and it is imperative that appropriate infection control measures are implemented. 

Novel Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19):  The importance of recognising possible early ocular manifestation and using protective eyewear (Br J Ophthalmol March 2020 Vol 104 No 3)

Full article available at

"There is now growing evidence that human-to-human transmission is occur- ring among close contacts, and reports that >1,700 healthcare professionals having been infected with 6 deaths including oneophthalmologist.17–19 Of the affected healthcare workers, one was part of the expert task force who visited Wuhan, and he has reflected on his experience of the disease. Despite being fully gowned with protective suit and N95 respirator, he was still infected by the virus with the first symptom being unilateral conjunctivitis, followed by development of fever a few hours later.13 Since his report, healthcare professionals in China have been urged to use eye protection when they are in close contact with patients."

Update 11.03.2020

There has been overwhelming interest in the Slit Lamp Shields, with our staff working tirelessly to get them delivered to doctors, practices and hospitals across the country. Thank you for all the positive feedback. 

Cleaning Information

The Slit Lamp Shield can be cleaned  with  non-alcohol based disinfectants and wipes such as Sporicide Plus Wipes, Viraclean, Viraclean wipes, Oxivir TB, Oxivir TB wipes, Clinell Universal wipes or Clorox branded products (disinfecting wipes, multisurface cleaner + bleach). Ensure the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions, including contact time, are followed. Warm soapy water can also be used, and shield patted dry with a soft microfibre cloth.

Do not use alcohol-based products or glass cleaners such as Windex.

The Slit Lamp Shield is not an approved medical device, nor guaranteed to block the transmission of viral or other pathogens, to reduce the risk of disease or infection, or to prevent any disease. It should be used in conjunction with other protective personal

equipment, as recommended by each clinic's infection control policy and appropriate State, National and College/Academy policies and recommendations. Regular hand washing and all other precautions are still required as part of an overall infection control strategy. Ensure you read the Terms of Service prior to purchase.  

Contact Information

Protective Shields Pty Ltd (ACN 640068739)

Address: Suite C2/ 30-36 O'Dea Ave Waterloo 2017 NSW Australia