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In Memoriam: Ophthalmologist Deaths From COVID-19

From the American Academy of Ophthalmology, we honour and pay our respects to ophthalmology colleagues who have died from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Name Location Age Date of Death Li Wenliang Wuhan, China 33 Feb. 7, 2020 Mei Zhongming Wuhan, China 57 Before March 3, 2020 Zhu Heping Wuhan, China 66 March 8, 2020 Marino Chiodi Bergamo, Italy 70 Before March 30, 2020   Juan Viteri Argoti Guayaquil, Ecuador 95 March 30, 2020   Saeid Azizi Zabol, Iran Unavailable Before March 31, 2020 Vicente Sánchez Garcia-Ferrández Valencia, Spain Unavailable April 6, 2020 Ana Cláudia Monteiro Divinopolis, Brazil 48 April 8, 2020 Jay M. Galst New York,  N.Y. 69 April 12, 2020 Paolo Peroni Piacenza, Italy Unavailable Before April 15, 2020 Jesús Jimenez Catalan Sr....

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Extra microscsope draping for intraocular surgery

Dr Aman Chandra,Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Southend University Hospital, UK, demonstrates how to utilise extra miscroscope draping for intraocular surgery. Dr Chandra would like to acknowledge the assistance of his co-author Miss Louisa Wickham (Moorfields Eye Hospital, London)

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